NIT No. CIMFR/PUR-11(2)2016 Dt. 22.08.2016 - CCTV Camera with console.
Corrigendum - File No. CIMFR/PUR/11(02)2016 Dt. 12.07.2016 - for supply, installation and commissioning, for CCTV Camera.
Corrigendum to Tender on "Multi-Purpose Cyclic Rock Triaxial System", NIT No. PUR/NIT-2/SPO/2016-17 and file no. CIMFR/PUR-14(6)2016 - Extension of Tender submission date.
Corrigendum - Cancellation of Tender related to 3D Laser Scanner Based System for monitoring of slope movement, file no. CIMFR/PUR-14(8)2016.
NIT No: 23(779)/2016-GA Dt. 01/08/16 - Repairing of 02 nos Hindustan Motors make Ambassador car.
NIT No. CIMFR/W&S/Cat./2016 Dt. 09/08/2016 - Catering Services at CSIR-CIMFR, Barwa Road, Dhanbad.
Enquiry No. CIMFR/PUR-13(8)2016/ Dt. 05.08.2016 - Rock Abrasiveness Apparatus.
NIT No. 23(775, 776, 778)/2016-GA/ Dated: 29/07/2016 - (A) Premix carpeting of road at office area and township premises. (B) Development of road side by making pavement from gate no. 1 to Culvert near gate no. 2 (C) Construction of Security officer’s cum visitor’s room along with road & gate widening and development of gate no. 2 at Barwa Road, Dhanbad.
NIT No. PUR NIT-2/SPO/2016-17 Date: 03.08. 2016 – Multi Purpose Cyclic Rock Triaxial System.
NIT No. 23(773, 774)2016-GA/ Dt.25.07.2016 – (1) Erection of Boundary Wall (2) Repairing of Boundary Wall.
NIT No. PUR NIT-3/SPO/2016-17 Dt. 18.07.2016 - Portable Multi-Channels & Multi-electrode Resistivity, IP & SP- 2D & 3D Imaging System for deeper investigations.
Corrigendum - Notification No.QP/GE/1/CIVIL/NGP/P-50/2016-17 Dt. 20.07.2016 with annexure.
NIT No. CIMFR/PUR-11(2)2016 Dt. 14.07.2016 – Invitation for pre-bid conference on 27.07.2016 at 11:00 AM for CCTV cameras with comsole
PUR NIT-2/SPO/2016-17 Dt. 12.07.2016 – Invitation for pre-bid conference on 26.07.2016 at 11:00 AM for 3D Laser Scanner Based System for monitoring of Slope Movement
PUR NIT-2/SPO/2016-17 Dt. 12.07.2016 – Invitation for pre-bid conference on 25.07.2016 at 11:00 AM for Multi purpose Cyclic rock triaxial system
Notification No. QP/GE/1/CIVIL/NGP/P-50/2016-17 Dt. 24.06.2016 - Annexure.
Notification No. QP/GE/1/CIVIL/NGP/P-50/2016-17 Dt. 24.06.2016.
Enquiry No. CIMFR/PUR-9(38)2015/16 Dt. 30.05.2016 - Supply and Installation of Dual DC and AC Voltage Source.
Enquiry No. CIMFR/PUR-9(38)2015/16 Dt. 30.05.2016 - Supply and Installation of Dual DC and AC Voltage Source.
Tender Notification No. CIMFR/PUR-06(41)2015 Date: 12.05.2016 - Final NIT after Pre-Bid Conference for 500 Mbps Internet lease line at Barwa Road.
Tender Notification No. CMRI/PUR-09(04)2016 Dt. 15.05.2016 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Air Conditioners.
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-06(41)2015- 500 Mbps Leased Line Date:12.05.2016
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-9(3)/2015/9 Date:27.04.2016
Tender Notification CIMFR/ PUR/02(14)2016 Date:18.04.2016
Corrigendum Notification document for Annual Rate Contract of CIMFR Printing and Publication items Last Date Extended from 18-3-2016 to 25-03-2016  
Tender Notification document for Annual Rate Contract of CIMFR Printing and Publication items  
Revised  Global Tender Notice  after Pre- Bid Conference   for Hiring of TSP for Scientific & Technical Services in Coal Sampling  
Tender Notification CIMFR/SCPD/PUB/01/2016 (Invitation for pre-bid conference & Quotations submission for printing materials) Date: 16-02-2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-14(7)2015-16 (Hiring of Technical Service Provider(s)) Date: 09/02/2016  
Corrigendum Tender Notification 23(685)/2014-GA/  Date: 03.02.2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR(13) 2015 Date: 01/02/2016  
Tender Notification 23(762)/ 2015‐GA /889 Electrical installation work for RPL Building near Tech Block at CSIR CIMFR HQ Dhanbad.Date: 25.01. 2016  
Tender Notification 23(764)/ 2015‐GA / New Electrical works for newly constructed shed of explosive research lab.And DG set room at CSIR‐CIMFR HQ Dhanbad.. Date: 25.01. 2016  
Tender Notification 23(762)/ 2015‐GA /889 Electrical Renovation works at Director’s Bungalow cum office at CSIRCIMFR HQ Dhanbad. Date: 25.01. 2016  
Tender Notification PUR NIT‐7/SPO/2015 Multi-electrode Resistivity Imaging System to get 2D & 3D
Resistivity, IP & SP data. The required depth of investigation- more than 100 meters Date: 25.1. 2016
Corrigendum Notification 23(761)/2015-GA/ Renovation of Director’s Bunglow at CSIR-CIMFR, HQ Dhanbad.Date: 25/01/2016  
Tender Notification 23 (756)/2015-GA Tenders are invited to supply commercial diesel vehicles to be used for project & allied activities Date: 01/02/16  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-6(15) 2015 Microprocessor based Test Jig Date: 18/01/2016  
Tender NotificationCIMFR/PUR - 14(6) 2015 Multi - Channel continuous VOD recorder with accessories Date: 18/01/2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/ PUR-14(3)2015 DSC-TGA(STA) With online & offline FTIR & GC-MS as an additional facilities Date: 18/01/2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-6(26)2015 (Development/Redesigning of a WebContent Management System (WCMS) based website of CSIR-CIMFR,Dhanbad) Date: 13.01.2016  
Tender Notification 23(761)/2015-GA/ (Renovation of Director’s Bungalow at CSIR-CIMFR, HQ Dhanbad) Date: 12/01/2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/S./2016 (Up keeping (Sanitation) and allied work in premises, Digwadih Campus) Dated: 14.01.2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/G/16/ (Annual Maitainence of Garden at CIMFR, Digwadih Campus) Dated: 08/01/2016  
Tender Notification 23(742)/2015-GA/, 23(685)/2014-GA/ Date: 29/12/2015    
Corrigendum Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-13(4)2015/( Sesmograph Base Unit)  Date: 01.01.2016  
Tender Notification 23(758)/ 2015‐GA /812 Date: 01.01.2016  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR‐6(26)/2015 for Prebid Conference Development/Redesigning of a Web
Content Management System(WCMS) based website of CSIRCIMFR, Dhanbad()Date: 28.12.15
Tender Notification PUR NIT-7/SPO/2015 for Prebid Conference Date: 28.12.15  
Tender Notification MSTC/ERO/CSIR 8208;Central Institute of Mining Fuel Research/1/Eastern/15‐16/13599(108225 Date: 23.12.15  
Tender Notification 23 (756)/2015-GA Date: 22.12.15  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-13(4)2015/( Sesmograph Base Unit) Date: 17.12.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-13(6)2015/ Date: 16.12.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR‐6/2015-16 Date: 15.12.2015  
Tender Notification CMRI/PUR‐13(07)/2015 Date: 01.12. 2015  
Tender Notification CMRI/PUR‐06(14)/2015 Date: 01.12. 2015  
Tender Notification PUR NIT‐3/SPO/2015 for PreBid Conference Date: 26.11. 2015  
Tender Notification 23(754)/ 2015‐GA /688 Date: 23.11. 2015  
Tender Notification 23(755)/ 2015‐GA /689 Date: 23.11. 2015  
Tender Notification PUR 23 (712, 749)/2015-GA/ Date: 23/11/2015  
Tender Notification PUR NIT‐3/SPO/2015 (Microprocessor based test jig) for PreBid Conference Date: 16.11. 2015  
Corrigendum Notification for Supply, installation andcommissioning of 100 mbps dedicated uncompressed symmetric internet Bandwidth (1:1) connectivity through optic fiber leased line for Digwadih Campus. Date: 13.11. 2015  
Tender Notification PUR NIT-2/SPO/2015(DSC-TGA (STA) with online and offline FTIR and GC-MS
as an additional facilities) Date: 10.11. 2015
Tender Notification 23(693)/ 2014‐GA /670 ( Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 250
KVA, 11KV/0.433 KV Sub‐Station at CSIR‐CIMFR
Bilaspur Unit.) Date: 06.11. 2015
Tender Notification Technical Requirement and Specifications for Hiring of 100 Mbps Dedicated Uncompressed Symmetric Internet Bandwidth (1:1) Connectivity through Optic Fibre Leased Line for
CSIR-CIMFR, Digwadih Campus, Dhanbad-828108
Tender NotificationCIMFR/PUR-6(15)2015 (Microprocessor based test jig) Date & time of pre bid conferences (PBC) 13.11..2015 & Time- 11:00  
Tender NotificationCIMFR/PUR-6(15)2015 (Environment Chamber) Date & time of pre bid conferences (PBC) 24.11..2015 & Time- 11:00  
Tender Notification tender for CSIR-CIMFR ERP Software Date: 21.10. 2015  
  Specification (Annexure)  
Tender Notification CFRIR/QP/RQA/OIC/F/13/609 Date: 15.10. 2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR‐14(01)2015 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Date: 14.10. 2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR‐14(03)2015 Date: 12.10. 2015  
Tender Notification 23(656)/2014‐GA/, 23( 751,752 )/2015‐GA/ Date: 08.10. 2015  
Tender Notification 23(753)/2015-GA/ Date: 06.08. 2015  
Corrigendum 23(577, 607)/2013-GA/ Date: 22.07.2015  

Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR‐14(01)2015(Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS))
Date: 24.09. 2015

Tender Notification 23(748)/ 2015‐GA /545 Date: 24.09. 2015  
Tender Notification 23(693)/ 2014‐GA /533 Date: 22.09. 2015  
Tender Notification 23(577, 607)/2013-GA/ Date: 22.07.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/Sampling/2015/002 Date: 01.09.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/Sampling/2015/001  Date: 01.09.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/ PUR/ARC/15-16  Date: 28.07.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/Gen/2015. (Catering Services at CIMFR, Dhanbad) Date: 18.06.2015  
Tender Notification l Supply of Medicines CIMFR/Med./Gen./2015   Date: 03.07.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR‐01(7)2014   Date: 18.06.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFRN/Job contract/ 2015-16   Date: 29.05.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/Sampling/2015/002 Date: 22.05.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/W&S/Sampling/2015/001 Date: 18.05.2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-1(7)2014/ Date: 27.04.2015  
Tender Notification 23 (659)/2014 –GA, 23(718)/2015-GA/ Date: 20/04/2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-2(22)/2014 Date: 16-04-2015  
Tender Notification 23(688)/ 2014--GA /71 Date: 10-04-2015  
Tender Notification PUR NIT‐4/2014‐15 Date: 07-04-2015  
Tender Notification 23(717)/ 2015--GA /2173 Date: 24-03-2015  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-2(22)2014 Date: 21-01-2015  
Tender Notification PUR NIT-4/2014-15 Date: 19.1. 2015  
Tender Notification .CMRI/PUR-6(21)/2014 Date:12.01.2015 Inquiry
Tender Notification .CMRI/PUR-6(21)/2014 Date:12.01.2015 Clarification
Tender Notification RQA/SAIL-CCL/job con/1/2014-15 Date: 24/12/2014  
Tender Notification 23(687)/2014/GA Date: 10/12/2014  
Tender Notification 23(656,685, 706 )/2014-GA Date: 31/10/2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/NIT-5/2014-15 (Ultra High Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) withaccessories.) Date:20.10.2014  
Tender Notification 23(686)/ 2014--GA /705 Date: 17.10.2014  
Tender Notification 23(652) / 2014‐‐GA /626 Date: 18.09.2014  
Tender Notification 23(677)/2014-GA/ Date: 09.09.2014  
Tender Notification 23(674)2014-GA (Fixing of exhaust pipes of two Diesel Generator sets) Date: 01/09/14  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/ 13(01) 2014 (Column Floatation Test Rig- 4” Dia) Date: 22.8.2014  
Tender Notification 23 (659,660,662,663,664,665,666,667,668,669)/2014-GA/, 23(672)/2014-GA/ Date: 08.8.2014  
Tender Notification Ultra High Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) with accessories. Date: 04.8.2014  
Tender Notification 23 (658) / 2014--GA / 450 Renovation of Electrical Works of Air Conditioning Plant Room at Admin Block 1st Floor for the purpose of ERP cell Cum-Help Desk.. Date: 30.7.2014  
Tender Notification 23 (653) / 2014--GA / 449 Renovation of service line by Three phase power supply in Type – III (9 to 24) and Type – IV (9 to 24) Blocks in CSIR – CIMFR HQ. Date: 30.7.2014  
Tender Notification 23 (651) / 2014--GA / 447 Electrical installation work for Multipurpose Hall at the first floor of HRD at CSIR-CIMFR HQ, Dhanbad Date: 30.7.2014  
Tender Notification 23 (650) / 2014--GA / 448 Provision of separate supply system for AC’s at Main Building, Administrative Building at CSIR-CIMFR HQ. Date: 30.7.2014  

Tender Notification 23 (649) / 2014--GA / 451 Renovation of Electrical Installation work of HRD Executive Centre at CSIR-CIMFR HQ. Date: 30.7.2014

Tender Notification 23(648) / 2014‐‐GA /431 Date: 25.7.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/11(04) 2014 Thermogravimetric Reactor (TGR) Date: 25.7.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/06/14 2014 Freeze Dryer Date: 25.7.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/14(03) 2014 BIO REACTOR Date: 23.7.2014  
Post Prebid Conference on Portable Syngas Analyzer for Fluidized Bed Gasification Date: 19.07.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/13(01)2014 Column Floatation Test Rig- 4” Dia Date: 07.7.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/NIT-2/2014-15 Termogravimetric Reactor (TGR) Date: 03.7.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/NIT-2/2014-15 (Portable Syngas Analyzer for Fluidized Bed Gasification) Date: 03.7.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/NIT-2/2014-15 (Advance SEM with EDX) Date: 03.7.2014  
Tender Notification 23 (645) / 2014--GA / 316 Date: 24/06/2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/14(15)2013-14 Date: 26/05/2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-14(31)2013 Dated: 26.05.2014  
Tender Notification 23(644)/2014-GA/ Date: 15/05/2014  
Tender Notification 23(627)/2013-GA/, 23 (641, 642)/2014-GA/ Date: 25/04/2014  
Tender Notification 23(635)/2014-GA/ Date: 22/04/2014  
Tender Notification NIT NoCIMFR/PUR/ 11(21) 2013 ( Flat Photo Bio Reactor One) Date: 26.03.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/ PUR/ARC/14-15 (Annual Rate Contract ) Date: 25/03/2014. Cick for Annexure  
Tender Notification 23(635)/2014-GA/ Date: 14/03/2014  

Corrigendum CIMFR/PUR/RC/14-15 Date: 24/03/2014

Tender Notification 23(634) / 2014--GA / 1046 Date: 11/03/2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/RC/14-15 Date: 05/03/2014  
Tender Notification 23(620, 621,628)/2013-GA/) Date: 12/02/2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/NIT‐13/2013‐14 (Bio Reactor with accessories.) Date:14 .2. 2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-13(18)2013 (Photo Bioreactor. )Date:17.2. 2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/ 14(33)2013 (Macro CHNS Analyzer )Date:14.2. 2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/14(32) 2013 (Optical emission spectrometer (OES) )Date: 05.02. 2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/14(32)2013 (Flat Photo Bio Reactor) Date: 31 .1. 2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/ 13(3)2013 Multi-channel VOD Monitor with accessories Date: 31.1. 2014  
Prebid Conference on Macro CHNS Analyzer Date: 03.02.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/ 11(21) 2013 (Flat Photo Bio Reactor) Date: 31.1. 2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR/14(24)2013 (Biomass Gasifier) Date: 31.1. 2014  
Prebid Conference on CIMFR/PUR/NIT-12/2013-14 Date: 29.01.2014  
Tender Notification CIMFR/PUR-13(9)2013 (Microwave Ashing System) Date: 07.01.2014  
Prebid Conference on Biomass -Gassifier NIT .No.CIMFR/PUR/NIT-11/2013 Date: 17.01.2014  
Tender Notification NIT No.CIMFR/PUR/NIT-10/2013-14 Date: 13.1.2014