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Section 1: Strata Mechanics

A List of Important Facilities and Infrastructure:

 1.   Facilities for numerical and physical simulations,

 2.  Bore-hole penetratometer (40 m length)

 3.  Data logger based instrumentation facility for strata movement study

 4.  Automatic total station (Leica)

Strata Movement Studies In Laboratory on Physical Models

Field and laboratory studies for the design of mining structures during CM based mechanised depillaring

Nature and amount of strata movement of laminated and massive roof strata and corresponding stress development over the natural support. 

Results of numerical simulation showing plan view of stress concentrations over a rib/snook (of three different sizes) after one and four rows of pillar extractions.

Appropriate strategy of staggered bottom section development (plan & section) for efficient underground extraction of total thickness of a thick coal seam in single lift by BG  method. 

Superiority of  cable bolting based thick seam mining (developed by CIMFR) over the BG method and a photo of cable-bolted gallery during the field trial . 

Underpinning based simultaneous extraction of thick and contiguous sections with thin and laminated parting.

Concept o f wide-stall mining and its comparison with conventional splitting/stooking for optimisation of the coal recovery below surface or sub-surface constraints 


Section 2: Nonconventional Gases
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