Technology Available For Commercialisation

Sl. No. Title of the Technology Brief Description Application Advantages Industry Sector Patent Information
1 Non Recovery Type Soft Coke Oven The Soft Coke ovens, made of standard refractory bricks, are arch shaped having a single door which can be removed during discharge. Coal is charged in the previously heated oven and the door is placed and sealed with mud. The volatiles coming out of the coal is partly burnt and the heat generated during combustion of the volatiles help to maintain the temperature of the oven. The flue gas generated is typically channelized into the sole of the oven with hindrance created by special design resulting higher sole temperature which helps to burn out the remaining volatile matters and eliminate the tarry matter in the gas before being drained through the chimney.  Production of Soft Coke Clean Domestic Fuel Soft coke Making Units Patented