Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health

HORG : Dr. Dr. J. K. Pandey


To be a focused R&D laboratory of international repute having strong visibility to industry and society in Mine Environmental Safety Engineering towards fulfilling national needs and challenges.


The group works in three specialising areas of Mine Fire, Mine Ventilation, Miner’s Safety and health. The department has its strong presence since the inception of the Institute (1956) more than 60 years ago. It has to its credit 15 nos of research project funded by various ministries of Government of India and more than 1000 industry sponsored projects of problem solving nature i.e. opencast and dump fires, coal stack fires underground fire, spontaneous combustion of coal, mine ventilation optimisation, mine ventilation planning,  and dust sampling etc. The R&D solutions provided by the division, after implementation, have enabled the concerned authority to achieve better results with enhanced productivity. The research group has done enumerable work in testing and calibration of anemometer, duct and PPEs (Personal protective equipment) being manufactured in the country and has suggesting corrective measures for their better performance with proper safety measures. The research group has all the state of the art facilities for spontaneous combustion and coal dust explosion. Our presence has been felt in almost all the mines of coal and non-coal in India.


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Head of the Research Group
Dr. Jai Krishna Pandey

Chief Scientist & HORG E-mail : jaikrishnapandey[at]gmail[dot[com, jkpandey[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : 0326-2396053, Ext. 4341 (O), 9431727134 (M)
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Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health
Dr. D. D. Tripathi Sr. Principal Scientist
Research Group: Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health
E-mail : tripathidd[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : 9431955555, 9471100000
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Dr. Santosh Kumar Ray Sr. Principal Scientist E-mail : santoshray[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, santoshray[at]yahoo[dot]com
Phone : 9431746573 (M)
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Dr. Niroj Kumar Mohalik Principal Scientist E-mail : niroj[dot]mohalik[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 9471192423 (M)
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Mr. Ajay Khalkho Principal Scientist E-mail : khalkhoajay[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in, khalkhoajay[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : 9471113163 (M)
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Mr. Debashish Mishra Scientist E-mail : dmishra[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, debashish_cimfr[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 8986760288, 7978628931 (M)
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Mr. Ruben Murmu Sr. Tech. Officer (3) Phone : 4345(O) Service image
Dr. Jitendra Pandey Sr. Technical Officer (1) E-mail : jitu_cmri[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in, jitendra[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : 9431315624 (M)
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Ms. Kumari Anjali Technical Officer
Research Group: Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health
E-mail : anjali[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : 8340656207 (M)
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Mr. Aditya Kumar Technical Assistant
Research Group: Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health
E-mail : adityasnd64[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 6201851007 (M)
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Mr. S. G. L. S. Murthy Sr. Technician (2) Phone : 9939104611 (M) Service image
Mr. Madan Mondal Lab Attendant (2) Phone : 9122066877 (M) Service image
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Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health


Sl. No.NameSponsorDurationObjectiveMajor output(if any)
Mine Fire Ventilation Miners Safety and Health
1Development of guideline for prevention & mitigation of explosion hazard by risk assessment and determination of explosibility of Indian coal incorporating risk based mine emergency evacuation and re-entry protocol.CIL (Coal lndia Ltd.)5 yrs./7.96 Crores

1.       Characterisation of coal dust with respect to explosibility and self-heating characteristics from different coalfields of India.

2.       Optimization of suitable inert material for mitigation in laboratory condition by 20 litre explosion chamber.

3.       CFD simulation of coal dust explosion in laboratory condition and its application to real time situations.

4.       Development of guidelines for prevention and mitigation of fire and explosion hazards in underground coal mines.

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