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The FS group is working on the Third Party Coal Sampling (TPS) Project in collaboration with the Resource Quality Assessment (RQA) Division of CIMFR Digwadih, Dhanbad. The FS group is capable to provide lab solutions to coal and power companies including the energy audit for many government and private organizations. The workforce of fuel sciences has tremendous exposure to provide deliverables, in terms of laboratory testing, and data analysis work required by various associated coal agencies in India and also for international companies. Following are the major areas of research activities and infrastructure facilities of the fuel science laboratory and the group.

Services Offered (FS Group)


Sampling & Sub-sampling

·            Logging of borehole coal/ lignite cores for band-by-band (ply-by-ply) analysis.

·            Delineation of coal seam/section.

·            Sampling of Coal-ROM, Channel, Ship, Wagon, Stock and Conveyor Belt.

·            Sample preparation.

Characterization of Coal

·            Proximate analysis

·            Ultimate analysis

·            Total moisture

·            Moisture at 60% RH &400C

·            Moisture at 96% RH &400C

·            Gross Calorific value (GCV)

·            Net Calorific value (NCV)

·            Distribution of sulphur (DS)

·            Ash fusion temperature (AFT)

·            Hardgroove Grindability Index (HGI)

·            Gray King Low-temperature carbonization

·            Swelling Index

·            Chemical composition of Ash

·            Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)

·            True density of coal/lignite

·            Carbonate Co2

·            Unburnt Carbon

Washability of coal

·            Washability test (Lab scale)

·            Borehole coal core washability

Energy management

·            Detailed Energy Audit (Electrical & Thermal)

·            Energy monitoring and Implementation Assistance

Energy efficiency benchmarking studies


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Fuel Science
Dr. Ashok K. Singh Chief Scientist & HORG E-mail : singh_ak2002[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Phone : +91-326-2388361,320 (O), 09431317806 (M)
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Dr. Lalit Kumar Sahoo

Sr. Principal Scientist & HOS E-mail : lalitsahoo[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, k_lalitsahoo[at]yahoo[dot]com
Phone : +91-0712-2510390, Extn: 207 (O), 09422331817(M)
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Mrs. Seema Ashishan Topno Sr. Principal Scientist E-mail : seematopno[at]rediffmail[dot]com, seematopno[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : 0712-2510390 Extn:207 (O), 09225234893 (M)
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Dr. Devendra Kumar Sakhare

Sr. Principal Scientist E-mail : dksakhre[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, sakhredk[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : +91-0712-2510390,Extn:205 (O), 09049122422 (M)
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Dr. Rajendra Kumar Vishwakarma Sr. Principal Scientist E-mail : dr_rkvishwakarma[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, rajkvishwa[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Phone : 9431158950, 9561562037 (M)
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Mr. Manoj Kumar Sethi Sr. Principal Scientist E-mail : mksethi[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, manoj_rit[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
, 9893442806 (M)
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Mr. Rajesh Laxmanrao Katley

Sr. Technical Officer (2) E-mail : rajeshlkatley[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, rajeshlkatley[at]gmail[dot]com, rajeshlkatley[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Phone : 9423628923, 9284875076 (M)
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Dr. A. L. V. Prasad

Sr. Technical Officer (3) E-mail : alvprasad[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in
Phone : +91-0712-2510390, Extn: 211 (O), 09423680753 (M)
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Dr. (Mrs) Pragya Kamlesh Chayande

Sr. Technical Officer (2) E-mail : pragyachayande[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, pragyapatil[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Phone : +91-0712-2510390, Extn:213 (O), 09423637391 (M)
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Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh Technical Officer E-mail : abhisheksingh[at]cimfr[dot]nic[in], er[dot]abhisheksingh[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 9580602425 (M)
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Ms. Ranu Ishwarsing Bande Technical Officer E-mail : ranu[dot]bande[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 7709713997 (M)
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Mr. Debi Prasad Paikaray

Technical Assistant E-mail : debiprasad[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, deb[dot]cimfr[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 9090794139 (M)
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Mrs. Sumitra Giri Technical Assistant E-mail : sumitragiri[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, sumitragiri[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 8817042418 (M)
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Mr. Dinesh Ramdas Shinde Lab Assistant E-mail : dineshcimfr18[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : +91-0712-2510390, Extn:210 (O), 9096336002 (M)
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Mr. Pritam Wamanrao Meshram Junior Secretariat Assistant (G) E-mail : pritam[at]cimfr[dot]nic[dot]in, pritamm04[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 9595980901, 8208595396 (M)
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Mr. Premnarayan Dagor Gr. C (NT) E-mail : premnarayandagor[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : +91-0712-2510390, Extn:210 (O), 09881477118 (M)
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Section 3: Nagpur Research Centre

Infrastructure Facilities


A) For Coal Characterization: Proximate analyser-TG 701 (LECO make), Bomb Calorimeter (PARR-6200, PARR-6400, IKA-C2000), Sulphur Analyzer (ELTRA make), CHNSO analyser (Vario Macro ELEMENTAR), Optical heating microscope (MISURA-HSM), UV-vis Spectrophotometer-Lambda-35 (PERKIN ELMER), High-temperature activation system, Humidity cabinets, Moisture ovens, Ash Furnace, VM Furnace, Kjeldahl Assembly, Co2 Determination Assembly, Jaw crushers, Double roll crushers, Pulverizers, Screens, Drop shatter Test Equipment, Water retention test apparatus, Grey king low-temperature carbonization apparatus etc.

B) For Energy Audit & Management: Flue Gas Analyzer, Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Digital Thermometers, Infrared Thermometer, Digital Anemometer, pH meter, TDS meter, Thermo- hygrometer, Load Manager, Clamp-on-Power Meter, Lux Meter, Digital Tachometer, etc.


In the past, the FS group had undertaken several important projects of national recognition.  The Indian mining industry is the direct beneficiary of the expertise and FS group is moving ahead with a planned future perspective.







Development of Coal Quality Exploration Technique based on Convolution Neural Network and Hyper spectral Imaging  (Grants-in Aid project)


Ministry of Mines (MOM), Govt. of India


Various projects for scientific study of coal quality loaded from various sidings of WCL & SCCL and unloaded at power utilities. (Mega Coal Sampling Projects)



Various projects  for the quality assessment of coal/lignite seams encountered in the exploratory boreholes drilled by agencies such as GSI, CMPDI, MECL, State departments of Geology & Mines and private agencies in the different blocks of Indian coalfields (Bore Hole Coal Core Analysis Projects)




CSIR-Integrated Energy Audit and Management Collaborative Project (Under Sub-Vertical VI of the energy theme directorate of CSIR; As part of the CSIR-IEAM program). (Energy Management Project)




  1. Strategies to ash fusion temperature (AFT) of foreign-origin coal for optimal use in Indian Thermal power plants
  2. Experiments on the determination of equilibrated moisture (EM) of WCL, SECL, and SCCL Coals to reduce conditioning time from 72 hours to the lowest possible up to 24 hours
  3. To develop and implement RFID based security system for the safety of samples.
  4. Study of the effect of oxidation on chemical properties of coal


(In-house Projects)


CIMFR, Dhanbad




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