National Facilities
  1. Performance Evaluation of Equipment Used in Hazardous Locations in Respect of Flame and Explosion
  2. Quality Assessment of Coal, Lignite and Coke
  3. Testing and Analysis of Coal and Lignite Samples for Petrographic Characterisation
  4. Testing and Analysis of Coal Samples
  5. Characterization, Testing and Analysis of Coal
  6. Testing and Analysis of Coal, Coke, Coal Tar, Pitch and Petroleum Related Products and their Characterization
  7. Determination of Chemical Compositions of Coal Samples
  8. Resource Quality Assessment of Borehole Coal/Lignite Cores
  9. Determination of Physico-mechanical Properties of Roof Bolts
  10. Evaluation of Physico-mechanical Properties of Wire Ropes
  11. Quality Assessment of Various Mining and Allied Engineering Components
  12. Testing of Props and Cogs
  13. Testing of Electrical Power Cables for Use in Gassy Mines
  14. Testing and Investigation on Explosives and Accessories
  15. Testing of Brattice Cloth and PVC Ventilation Ducting
  16. Calibration of Anemometer, Velometer and Manometer
  17. Testing of Self-generating Chemical Oxygen Type Self-contained Self-rescuerfor Use in Gassy Mines
  18. Metallurgical Testing of Mine Appliances

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