Major Projects


Sl. No. Project No. Project Title Nodal Officer/Project Leader/Coordinator Sponsor Date of Commencement Date of Completion
1. MLP-134/2020-21 Assessment of rock bolting in-situ by ultrasonic guided waves for human safety in underground mines (NCP/FBR) Dr. S. K. Kashyap CSIR 13-04-2020 31-03-2022
2. MLP-143/2020-21 Investigation into permeable liner for disposal of coal ash in ash disposal ponds(FTT/FTC) Dr. (Mrs.) Bably Prasad CSIR 12-08-2020 31-03-2022
3. MLP-144/2020-21 Roof rock reinforcement system (R3S) for mine roadways intersection under varying geomining conditions (NCP/FBR) Dr. Ranjan Kumar CSIR 16-09-2020 31-03-2022
4. FTT MLP- 119 Pilot scale demonstration of coal mine water usage for commercial algal production for food – fertilizer in hybrid photo-bioreactor for combating malnutrition

Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi

Dr. Ashis Mukherjee
CSIR 20-01-2021 20-01-2023
5. FTT MLP- 142 Pilot scale demonstration of “silica composite “Si-Bps- HAs” (Silica-Botanical pesticides-Humic acid) from coal ash/biomass ash/biogenic silica rich  resources as bio-pesticide for  agricultural/store grain pests control.

Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi

Dr. Ashis Mukherjee
CSIR 27-04-2020 24-07-2022
6. MLP 135 Renewable and bio-degradable novel fabrics and pigments from CO2 capture algal biomass for commercial application.

Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi

Dr. Ashis Mukherjee
CSIR-CIMFR 01-08-2020 01-08-2022
7.. MLP 86

Study of CO2 signaling among single cell and filamentous microalgae under elevated CO2 and screening of high value products for commercial application

Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi

Dr. Ashis Mukherjee
CSIR-CIMFR 05-07-2019 05-07-2021
8. MLP-119/2019-20 Pilot scale demonstration of coal mine water usage for commercial algal production for food-fertilizer in hybrid photo-reactor for combating malnutrition. Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi CSIR 31-01-2020 31-03-2022
9. MLP-142/2020-21 Pilot scale demonstartion of "Silica Composite Si-Bps-Has"(Silica Botanical pesticides-humic acid) from coal/ash/biogenic Silica rich resources as bio-pesticide for agricultral/ store gran pests control. Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi CSIR 24-04-2020 23-07-2022
10. HCP-32/2020-21 Mission mode project on CSIR Innovation centre for next generation energy storage solution Dr. R E Masto Bodhisatwa Hazra CSIR 01-04-2020 31-03-2022
11. HCP-32/2020-21 Coal-Syngas to Methanol(CoSynol)

Dr. P D Chavan,

Dr. Sudipta Datta

CSIR 14-12-2020 13-12-2022
12. SSP/481/20-21 Study and advice for optimisation of blast design parameters for flattening of southern portion of Ulwe Hill and as a part of the land development works for construction of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA)

Dr. M P Roy (PL)

Dr. C Sawmliana (PL)

Dr. P K Singh (Coordinator)

M/s CIDCO, Maharashtra

19-05-2020 18-08-2021


Advice for designing of safe and efficient blast design patterns for rock excavation works of different strategic roads of Border Roads Organization.

Dr. Aditya Rana (PL)

Dr. P K Singh (Coordinator)

Border Roads Organisation (BRO) 11-03-2019 19-03-2022
14. SSP7816 CO2 capture through microbial route in pilot scale at GAIL Pata

Dr. ( Mrs.) V Anguselvi

Dr. Ashis Mukherjee
GAIL 21-06-2018 30-06-2021
15. CNP/7166 Assessment of  Normative Coal  Requirement for Different Industries and advice thereof  Dr. Ashis Mukherjee Coal India Limited, Kolkata 27-12-2019 27-12-2021
16. SSP-8171 Preparation of National GHG emission Inventory for Energy and Manufacturing Industries (emission from fossil fuel combustion) for the year 2016 and 2017 with improved methodology and additional detailing Dr. Pinaki Sarkar UNDP, New Delhi 22-11-2019 31-12-2021
17. SSP-8341

Scientific and Technical service for quality evaluation of coal for its optimum utilization in power generation at NTPL, Tuticorin end. Phase – 2

Dr. T. Gouricharan


NTPL, Tamil Nadu 23-07-2019 22-10-2021
18. SSP-8473 Conducting washability test and of the related studies for Eleven numbers of coking coal seams of Topa, Pundi and Ara OC of Kuju mines, CCL.

Dr. U.S. Chattopadhyay (PL)

Dr. T. Gouricharan

Central Coalfields Limited, Ranchi 29-12-2020 28-10-2021
19. SSP/R/424/2019-20

Stability analysis of tunnels in Panvel-Karjat double railway line corridor using numerical approach.

Mr. Anil Swarup


MRVC Ltd., Mumbai

20-11-2019 19-05-2022


Advice on design of tunnels in connection with construction of Tunnel Nos. T-8 to T-16 (including an escape tunnel) of Bhanupali- Bilaspur-Beri New Railway Line project of RVNL.

Dr. R. D. Dwivedi


RVNL, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

26-03-2021 25-06-2023


Evaluation of Design for Western Railway Tunnel No.1 at Pithampur near Indore for Indore-Dahod New BG Project.

Dr. J. K. Mohnot


Western Railway, Indore, M.P.

17-06-2019 30-05-2021
22 SSP/N/555/2020-2021 Scientific study for controlled blast design for safe and productive rock excavation at L&T work site of Bangalore Metro Rail Project Phase 2; Pkg RT03 Dr. More Ramulu Dr.Partho B. Choudhury L&T -ECC,Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase 2, RT03, Bangalore 18-03-2021 17-03-2023
23  SSP/N/525/2020-2021 Numerical modelling studies for underground excavations at Sindesar Khurd Mines, HZL for 2 years (2020-2022)

Dr. John Loui Porathur

Dr. A.K. Soni

Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (Vedanta)
15-12-2020 14-06-2023
24 SSP-8480 Scientific & Technical services for quality evaluation of coal at NTPC Ramagundam TPS (Unloading) for its optimum utilization in power generation.  Dr. L.K.Sahoo NTPC Ramagundam 01-01-2021 31-12-2021
25 SSP-8433 Scientific & Technical services for quality evaluation of coal at WCL Loading end (Phase I) for its optimum utilization in power generation.  DR. D.K.Sakhare Western Coalfields Limited 01-12-2020 31-11-2021