Societal Mission

CSIR 800 programme: CSIR-800 programme has resolved to reach out to the weaker sections i.e., 800 million Indians through CSIR’s technologies relevant to social/rural sector. This programme aims to improve quality of life by providing technical assistance for

  1. Low Cost Housing
  2. Affordable Health Care
  3. Potable Water Supply
  4. Sustainable Energy
  5. Means of protecting environment

As a part of CSIR TECHVIL project CSIR-CIMFR adopted Ratanpur Gram Panchayat for implementation of CSIR-800; TECHVIL programme. At initial stage, CSIR-CIMFR has assessed the quality of life, water sources, and soil conditions, and energy supply. In the next phase, water treatment solutions and biogas units will be deployed at the right places of this panchayat. For further details please refer following Links

Technology Developed for the Society: CSIR-CIMFR has executed following projects and developed enabled technologies for the society:

  1. Mine Water Reclamation Technology for Making Potable Water
  2. Carbon Sequestration Through Scientific Plantation in Coal Mining Areas for Employment Generation
  3. Development of Aromatic & Medicinal Plant Cultivation for Employment Generation
  4. Fly Ash Soil Amendment Technology for Land Reclamation in Coal Mining Areas
  5. Micro-watershed Development Projects in the District of Dhanbad

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