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1 CIMFR/PIIR- 14(02)2019 Dated. 24.02.2020 Purchase of l000Ton/ 10.000 KN Computerised Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine. EURO 11,22,000.00

Mr. Suarjit Dey, Sr. Technical Officer

2  CIMFRPUR- 13(12)2018 Dated. 04.02.2020. Purchase of Isoperibol Bomb calorimeter with accessories. USD 28,486.75 Dr. D. Mohanty, Pr. Scientist.
3 CIMF/PUR- 14(01)2019 Dated. 25.02.2020. Purchase of Automatic Geisler Plastometer and Dilatometer. ERRO 86,988.96 Dr. Monalisa Gangopadhyay, Scientist.
4 CIMFR/PUR-14(20)2018 Dated. 13.03.2019 Procurement of Speciating Mercury Stack Emission Testing USEPA Toolkit. USE 1,30,810.00 Dr. Hridesh Agarwalla, Scientist
5 CIMFR/PUR-14(10)2019 Dated. 20.03.2020 Purchase of Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter. USD 36,322.00 Mr. Santosh Kumar Behera. Scientist.
6 CIMFR/PUR-14(16)2018 Dated. 15.04.2019. Purchase of Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA). USD 61,724.90 Mr. Ranjit K Acharya
7 CIMFR/PUR- 14(21)2018 Dated. 29.10.2019 Purchase of Rock Eval Analyzer with accessories. EURO 2,89,050.00 Dr. Bodhisatwa Hazra,Scientist.