Research Facilitation

A number of initiatives have recently been taken for further improvement in R&D culture of this institute. In this regard a “R&D Projects Review and Management Board" is constituted to improve the quality and scope of our projects, “R&D award scheme” is launched for excellence in R&D activities, generation of external cash flow and support services and an "R&D Dialogue" is started for dissemination of knowledge and improvement in communications skill.

(I) R&D Projects Review and Management Board

A committee of eminent professionals has been constituted to review and advise important research elements of differentr R&D projects of this Institute. Further, this committee encourages inter-institutional programmes, where CSIR-CIMFR will be a major partner in terms of the scientific and technological development in the interest of the industry.

Sl. No. Name Current Position Role
1 Prof. A.K.Singh, -Head, CME, ISM, Dhanbad Chairman
2 Prof. V.R.Sastri, NIT, Surathkal Member
3 Prof. (Dr.) MadhulikaAgarwal BHU, Varanasi - Member
4 Sri B. Ramesh Kumar DT(O), SCCL, Kothagudem            Member
5 Dr.AshimSinha Director (S&T), DGMS, Dhanbad – Member
6 Sri L.S.Shekhawat COD, HZL – Member
7 Sri R.K.Srivastava, ED, NETRA, NTPC  
8 Dr. B. Prasad,GM(S&T) CMPDIL, Ranchi          Member
9 Sri Bhola Singh Project Director, Reliance Sasan Power    Member
10 Dr.Snajay Chandra, Chief R & D and Scientific Services, Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur –    Member
11 Dr.V.K.Singh (SS), Chief Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Member

(II) Award Scheme for Excellence in R&D Activities, Generation of External Cash Flow and Support Services

A scheme for awarding the scientists and staff members of the Institute for their excellence in R&D activities, generation of External Cash Flow and support services has been formulated for determination of “Researcher(s) of the year”, “Consultant(s) of the year” and “Support Staff of the year” awards. The awards will be considered from 1st April of the preceding year to 31st March of the Year of Award (YoA). The selection criteria under each category are given as below:

A. CSIR-CIMFR Researcher(s) of the Year Award

Prize Money: Rs. 50,000/-

Application from individual scientist or team of scientists will be invited for determination of CSIR-CIMFR Researcher(s) of the year award. Any individual or team of scientists who scores highest marks will get the Researcher(s) of the Year Award. The maximum marks being 100. The distribution of marks under different evaluation criteria along with weightage factors is given below.

1 R&D contribution of individual scientist/team of scientists in the Year of Award (YoA)
  (a) Brief description of the Technology(ies), Design(s) or Product(s) developed in the YoA  
  (b) Novelty of the development(s)  
  (c) Contemporary relevance  
  (d) Benefits (to be) accrued to the industry with details of economic gains  
  (e) Contribution of R&D output(s) in development or modification(s) of policy(ies) guideline(s) for standard practice(s), statute(s) and standard(s).  
  (f) Technology/Design/Product readiness level

i. Laboratory scale (Factor 0.5)

ii. Bench scale (Factor 0.6)

iii. Pilot scale (Factor 0.8)

iv. Industrial/Field application scale (Factor 1.0)

2 Publications
  (a) Book(s) or chapter(s) of book(s) authored by the applicant(s) and published in the YoA
  (b) Technical papers published in the YoA

i. In SCI Journals (Thomson Reuter Indexed) (Factor 1.0)

ii. In Journals other than category i. (Factor 0.5)

iii. In Seminars/Symposia/Conferences (Factor 0.2)

  1. In case of a "Team of Scientists" as a single applicant, the submitted technical papers should bear the names of all the scientists of the team in all the claims.
  2. In case single applicant, in any publication 60% weightage shall be given to the First Author and rest 40 % weightage will be distributed equally among all other Authors.
  (c) Number of citations of technical papers of the applicant(s) in the YoA [citations of papers by the applicant(s) published in just previous year may also be referred
3 Patents
  (i) Patent(s) Commercialised
  (ii) Patent(s) Filed/Granted

(a) Application(s) submitted to CSIR* in the YoA (Factor 0.6)

(b) Application(s) verified and filed by CSIR and patent(s) is/are sealed in the YoA (Factor 0.85)

(c) Patent(s) granted in the YoA (Factor 1.0)

  1. In case of a "Team of Scientists" as a single applicant, the submitted technical papers should bear the names of all the scientists of the team in all the claims.
  2. In case single applicant, in any publication 60% weightage shall be given to the First Author and rest 40 % weightage will be distributed equally among all other Authors.
4 External Cash Flow
  (a) Fund generated from Grants in Aid Projects (Factor 1.0)
(b) Fund generated from sponsored/collaborative projects with well-defined R&D goal [R&D goal should be clearly projected with a copy of the project proposal(s). Other sponsored or collaborative projects on quality evaluation, routine monitoring, data generation, testing etc. with no clear R&D element must not be considered. (Factor 0.6)
5 Any other relevant accomplishment(s), like,
  Review of SCI Papers in Journal(s),
Editing Books, Proceedings of Conference/Seminar/Symposium
Organising International/National Conference/Seminar/Symposium
Conducting Training Courses/Workshops for Human Resource Development
Appreciation from Industry etc.
Total Marks

B. CSIR-CIMFR Consultant(s) of the Year Award

Prize Money: Rs. 40,000/-

Application from individual scientist or team of scientists will be invited for determination of CSIR-CIMFR Consultant(s) of the Year Award. The ECF will be calculated as per the weightage factor stipulated against each category of projects. Any individual or team of scientists who generate(s) maximum ECF in the YoA will get the Consultant(s) of the Year Award.

1. Funds generated through Grants-in-Aid Project(s) (Factor 1.0)

2. Funds generated through Sponsored or Collaborative projects for definite innovation or development or technology transfer (Factor 0.7)

3. Fund generated from Sponsored or Collaborative projects on quality evaluation, routine monitoring, data generation, testing etc. with no clear R&D element (Factor 0.5)

4. Fund generated from Consultancy projects for definite innovation or development (Factor 0.35)

5. Fund generated from other Consultancy projects (Factor 0.25)

C. CSIR-CIMFR Supporting Staff/Team of the Year Award

Prize Money: Rs. 25,000/-

Application (either as an individual or as a TEAM) will be invited from the staffs of Administration/Finance/ Store & Purchase for determination of Best Support Staff/Team of the Year. The application will be submitted in the proforma containing the following parameters for evaluation. The evaluation of claim will be done in a scale of 100.

Sl. No. Parameters Scale of Evaluation
1. Key Responsibility (The committee will evaluate on the basis of Task Assigned & performed, accuracy/quality, speedy disposal, volume undertaken, task performed in adverse circumstances, planning for undertaking the work etc.) 1-20
2. Significant Achievement & Contribution for the organization 1-20
3. Behavioural Aspect such as sense of responsibility/ discipline/ punctuality/Team Management/ Motivation Skill/ Decision Making/ Leadership ability 1-10
4. Innovative Ideas/ Initiation of new system leading to greater efficiency 1-15
5. Efforts made for the development of Human Resources by organizing workshop/ training /skill development program etc. 1-15
6. Recommendation of HoD 1-10
7. Feedback from various Heads/groups etc 1-10

All relevant documents pertaining to the claim must be submitted to an Evaluation Committee consisting of Chairman at the level of Chief Scientist and two External Experts, one institutional member and representatives of Admn/Finance/Purchase. The claimant will be excluded from the list of Member.

(III) R&D Dialogue initiative

As per an initiative by the Director, CSIR-CIMFR; “R&D Dialogue” programme has been started for an improved scientific/technical culture in CSIR-CIMFR. Under this “R&D Dialogue”, a lecture is held on every Friday (4.00 PM to 5.00 PM) in the Committee Room.

Under this initiative, eminent experts (from outside) and scientists of each group of CSIR-CIMFR are invited to give a Power-point presentation of 40 minutes. Each deliberation is followed by an interaction of 20 minutes. Accordingly, the lecture series commenced on 8-1-2016 by Prof. Ashok Kumar Singh, Head (Department of Environmental Science and Engineering) and Former CMD (CMPDIL).

Date Presenter Title
08.01.2016 Prof. Ashok Kumar Singh, Head, Deptt. of Environmental Sc. and Engg, ISM, Dhanbad& Former CMD, CMPDIL R&D in Mining Industry
15.01.2016 Dr B Ahirwal, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Recent Development and Role of Ex equipment for Mining and Classified Hazardous Area
22.01.2016 Dr.Ranjan Kumar, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Applied Computing in Geo-Mining Sciences
29.01.2016 Dr.Santosh Kr. Ray, Principal Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Recent development and best practices in mine ventilation and underground mine fire control
05.02.2016 ShriJaywardhan Kumar, Trainee Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Evaluation of Carbon Capture Potential from Thermal Power Plants and its Storage in Geological Formations in India
12.02.2016 Sri Md. Tanweer, Trainee Scientist Application of Fuzzy Logic Technique in Mining Industry
19.02.2016 Dr Vikram Vishal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, IIT Mumbai Hydro-mechanical Attributes of Unconventional Reservoirs
26.02.2016 Sri BasudevDatta, Trainee Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Remote Operation Technology for Underground Coal Mines in India
04.03.2016 Sri Prasad Bhukya, Trainee Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Studies on Optimization of Energy in Mining Industries
01.04.2016 Dr. Soma Giri, DST-Young Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Impact Evaluation of Mining and Industrial Activities on the Surface Water Quality of Subarnarekha River: Using Fish as a Bio-indicator
15.04.2016 Dr.DebaduttaMohanty, Sr. Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Learning and Prospective of My Research
22.04.2016 Ms.Subhashree Mishra, Research Scholar, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Dynamic Analysis of Coalbed Methane Produced Water and Its Management Options
29.04.2016 Mr. Ashok Kumar, Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR (former Scientist, NIRM and Trainee Scientist), CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Design of rib/snook for mechanised depillaring
06.05.2016 Mr.Debashish Mishra, Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Design of ventilation system for deep underground coal mines
13.05.2016 Mr.Subhash Kumar, Senior Research Fellow, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Development of WSN for Early Detection of Fire in Underground Coal Mines
20.05.2016 Dr. R. EbhinMasto, Senior Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Presentation on participation in the international conference ‘European Geosciences Union General Assembly
27.05.2016 Sri Rahul Guha, Director General, DGMS, Dhanbad Safety in Mining Induatry
03.06.2016 ShriPrem Shankar Mishra, Director, The Orissa MineralsDevelopment Co. Ltd. Advances in Mining Industry
10.06.2016 Dr.Niroj Kumar Mohalik, Scientist, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad Study of Spontaneous Combustion of Coal – Jharia Coalfield
17/6/2016 Dr. Mani Ram Saharan, Principle Scientist A Sparsh to Critical Thinking
24/6/2016 Sri. Manish Kumar, Project Fellow Load Measurement using Vibrating Wire based Stress Capsule
8/7/2016 Sri. Arka Jyoti Das, Scientist Underground Extraction of Locked-up Coal
15/7/2016 Dr. V.A. Mendhe, Principal Scientist Dynamics of Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoir
22/7/2016 Sri. Harshit Agrawal, Scientist Stability of Underground Mine Workings
29/7/2016 Sri. Nilabjendu Ghosh, Scientist A Study on Load on Chain Pillars and Convergence at Gate Roads
5/8/2016 Dr. Rajendra Singh, Chief Scientist Underground Mining of a Thick Coal Seam in India: Where are we and where are we heading?
12/8/2016 Mr. Sahendra Ram, Sr. T.O. Roof Bolt Based Breaker Line Design in Mechanized Depillaring
19/8/2016 Mr. Saurabh Srivastava, Sr. Project Fellow Data Management Software for Locked up Coal Details
26/8/2016 Mr. Vivek Kumar Himanshu, Scientist Numerical Simulation Based Design of Safe and Productive Mining Practices in Hard Rock Mines
2/9/2016 Dr. P. Pal Roy, Outstanding Scientist Putting Blasting Science into Practice for Rock Excavation
9/9/2016 Dr. Mani Ram Saharan, Principle Scientist Live raging Research with Patents
16/9/2016 Dr. Prabhat Kumar Mandal Experiences of Participation in the 35th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, West Virginia, USA
23/9/2016 Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Sr. Scientist Big Picture on Feasibility of Geologic Carbon Storage in India
30/9/2016 Mr. Santosh Kumar Behera, Scientist Mine Back Filling: Present Scenario in India
7/10/2016 Mr. Harshit Agrwal, Scientist and Dr. (Ms.)P.K. Prasad, Scientist The Art of Public Speaking and Technical Writing
21/10/2016 Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Sr. Principal Scientist Rock Mass Characterization and Design of Support for Underground Coal Mines: Indian Scenario
28/10/2016 Miss Pallabi Das, Scientist Role of Advanced Separation Processes in Eco-friendly and Sustainable Technology Development
11/11/2016 Miss Deblina Maiti, DST-INSPIRE Fellow Studies on Eco restoration of Fly Ash Filled Area with Grass-Legume Mixtures, Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals and Nutrient Cycling
25/11/2016 Dr. B.M.P. Pingua, Sr. Principal Scientist Application of Mining Explosives and their Safety Aspect
2/12/2016 Dr. R.S. Singh, Principal Scientist Carbon Sequestration Potentials of Re-vegetated Mine Wastelands
16/12/2016 Dr. (Mrs.) Bably Prasad, Principal Scientist Environmental Issues Related to Fly Ash Utilisation in Mining Sector
23/12/2016 Natural Resource and Mining Environment Group Around Table Discussion among the Scientist of the Natural Resources and Mining Environment 
10/3/2017 Dr. Nageshwar Sahay, Chief Scientist Mine Ventilation in Indian Coal Mines – An update
30/6/2017 Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Sr. Scientist Clean Coal Technologies: Improving the State of Climate, Ari and Society
Dr. Rajendra Singh, Chief Scientist
Sri. Ashok Kumar and Sri. Niraj Kumar
Rock Mechanics Considerations for Roof Bolt-Based Breaker Line Design
21/7/2017 Mr. Stephane Legrand, Executive Vice President- Vinci Technologies, France Rock Compressibility and Rock Testing Systems including Sample Preparations Equipment and High Pressure Syringe Pumps
28/7/2017 Dr. D.B. Singh, Scientist Drinking Water Purification Techniques: Pros. and Cons
4/8/2017 Dr. Shaun D. Graham, Application Specialist  Mining & Geoscience Applications Development, Cambridge, United Kingdom X-Ray 3D Tomography Microscopy Applications in Mining and Geo-Sciences
11/8/2017 Dr. Santanu Bhattacharjee, Former Scientist ’G’ of CSIR-NML Development of Periodic Table and its Reflection on Postage Stamps
15/9/2017 Dr. Satyendra K. Singh, Chief Scientist An Innovative Initiative to Design a Feasible Mining Method in the Deepest Coal Mine of India
24/11/2017 Dr. P. Pal Roy, Outstanding Scientist Blast Evaluation and New Thoughts for Futuristic Research
15/12/2017 Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Principal Scientist Strata Management Based Single Lift Depillaring of total Thickness of a Thick Coal Seam
22/12/2017 Dr. Angad Kushwaha, Chief Scientist Challenges of the Underground Coal Mining