Major R&D Contributions

National Development:

  1. Eco-friendly mine planning and design, and clean coal technologies.
  2. Cost-effective mining technologies for enhancing productivity and safety.
  3. Design of safe excavation method for tunnels, railways and hydroelectric projects.
  4. Quality evaluation of coal for effective utilization.
  5. Utilization of fly ash for U/G mine filling.
  6. Coal dust collecting and briquetting system.
  7. Sensor based landslide monitoring and detection system.
  8. Pollution monitoring and control, waste management in mining areas, mine water reclamation, & rural watershed management.
  9. Energy audit for optimum utilization of power and innovation of different forms of fossil fuel.

Mining & Fuel Industries:

  1. Biodegradable and eco-friendly dust suppressant chemicals for mining areas.
  2. Fly ash utilization for stowing in underground mines, reclamation dumps and bricks .
  3. Coal carbonization technology.
  4. Technology for soft coke preparation.
  5. Coal combustion technology.
  6. Coal liquefaction technology.
  7. Coal gasification technology.
  8. Development of chemicals from coal.
  9. Coal preparation for power sector and coke ovens.
  10. Wireless information and safety system for mines.
  11. Environmental monitoring system for coal mines.
  12. Design of highwall mining.
  13. Strata movement warning system of U/G mines.
  14. Trapped miner locator.
  15. National facilities for testing of FLP, intrinsic safety, explosive, mining safety equipment; coal & rock properties, environmental parameters, coal processing, mineral processing etc.

Strategic Area:

  1. Tunneling and space technology.
  2. Mine planning and EIA for construction of Karwar sea water barricade of Indian Navy.
  3. Method of working and EIA/EMP for uranium mines of UCIL.
  4. Worked with DRDO on Multi-Feed Gasification of High Ash Coal, Biomass and MSW Blends.

Societal Mission:

  1. Mine water reclamation technology for safe drinking water.
  2. Training to the villagers for socio-economic benefits, viz. cultivation of medicinal plants, revegetation, carbon sequestration, value added products etc.

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