Grant in Aid

SL. NO. Project Title Funding Agency CSIR – CIMFR Project No Executive Summary
1 Bio-Methanation of coal mill and coal washery rejects.


DST, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India GAP-7036/ 2017-18  
2 Development of a selection methodology for road header and tunnel boring machine in different geological conditions for rapid tunneling. Ministry of Power, Govt. of India GAP/MT/N/ CPRI/105/ 2016-17  
3 Shale gas potentiality evaluation of different sedimentary basins of India.  Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India GAP/MS/MOC/ 98/2012-13  
4 Distribution of toxic metals in dry and wet atmospheric depositions in mining areas of Singhbhum, Jharkhand. M/s Science and Engineering Research Board GAP/SERB/107/2017-18
5 Studies on the addition of low cost bio-absorbment to industrial and agricultural waste for mitigation of Cr (VI) from waste water in Sukinda Chromite mines. Department of Science and Technology GAP/EMG/DST/SoRFPM/103/2015-16
6 Human health risk assessment due to ingestion of metals through food and water in mining dominated areas of Southern Jharkhand  Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India GAP/EMG/DST/102/2015-16  
7 To find a Methodology of safe liquidation in thick seams of Raniganj Coalfields: Design , devolopment & show-casing demonstrative trial at Khottadih Colliery, ECL-CSIR-CIMFR, dhanbad and ECl, Sanctoria.  Head S & T Division,Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited GAP/MT/CIL/100/2014-15
8 Development of tracking system for controlling illegal mining and coal transportation in North Eastern Coalfields. Ministry of communication & Information
Technology, Govt of India
9 Role of coal composition and maturity on the sorption behavior of Indian coals for gas storage estimation Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) Ministry of Science & Tech. Govt. of India GAP/MS/DST/95/2012-13
10 Development of feasibility assessment model for adaptation of underground coal gasification technology in the North-East Region of India. Ministry of communication & Information
Technology, Govt of India
11 Development of Algae Based Technology to Mitigate Energy Crisis in Coal Mining Areas.

Dhanbad District Authority Govt. of Jharkhand

12 Highwall Mining Design and Development of Norms for Indian Conditions. Ministry of Science and Technology,Govt. of India GAP/MT/DST/AJP/91/2011-12
13 Impact Evaluation of Mining and Industrial Activities on the Surface Water Quality of Subernarekha River: Using Fish as a Bio-indicator Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) Ministry of Science & Tech. Govt. of India GAP/EMG/DST/FTYS/90/2011-12
14 Design and development of truck mounted mobile coal sampler for instant coal ash & moisture analyzer at site from railway wagon/truck  Chief Manager ( Mining/ S&T) CMPDIL GAP/MT/MOC/89/2011-12
15 Feasibility and Application of Bio-fuel as well as Low Cost and Diluted ANFO for Cost Effective and Safe Blasting Practices in Opencast Metalliferrous Mines in India. Ministry of Mines. Govt of India. GAP/MS/MOM/86/2010-11
16 Studies on determination of Free Silica content in Respirable Air Borne dust in Coal Mines and preparation of data bank of Free silica and other Minerals present in dust as well as in coal Central Mine Planning  & Design Institute Limited GAP/MS/MOC/85/2010-11


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