Mission Vision & Mandate

To Develop And Deliver Sustainable Cutting Edge Technologies For Social Upliftment And Industrial Advancement.

To Be An Internationally Acclaimed Mining And Fuel Research Organization.

To innovate safe and economically viable technologies, to make the best use of available knowledgebase and to transfer know-how in line with National Missions and the Dehradun Declaration with focus on -

  1. Maximum recovery of fossil fuels, ores and minerals;
  2. Clean coal initiatives with optimum and effective utilization of low grade coal along with waste management;
  3. know-how and R&D service support to mining industry in general and coal industry in particular from “Mine to Market”;
  4. scientific support to strategic and other important sectors like atomic energy, defence, railways, hydro-electric projects, archeology, city planning, agriculture etc.;
  5. Mass mining of deep-seated coal and mineral deposits;
  6. Exploitation of difficult coal seams;
  7. Environment protection including monitoring and mitigation of greenhouse gas emission in mining and coal based industries;
  8. Serve Societal Needs;
  9. Facilitation of mutually beneficial interaction between industry and society for perpetual techno-economic and societal growth;
  10. Strengthening linkages with academic and research centres of excellence, industry and other relevant institutes for exchange of knowledge and transfer of technology; and Generation and dissemination of database and know-how as and when required.

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