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National Seminar on Recent Advancements in Coal Carbonisation Opportunities and Challenges, 28 - 29 November, 2019 at CSIR-CIMFR, Digwadih Campus, Dhanbad.

Posted by on Nov 28th 2019

About Conference

In history of coke making beehive type and by-product type coke making technology took lead role in different time span and some modifications has been done as per demand and requirement of steel making. Heat recovery, selective crushing, coal preheating, partial briquette charging, stamp charging are some R&D addition which had given breakthroughs for both non-recovery and by-product type coke making. Presently, Indian steel industries and coke makers are facing challenges due to inconsistency of coal quality and availability of quality coking coal. On the other hand CO2 mitigation, high productivity, low processing cost and producing quality coke with continuously changing characteristics of coal are the demand of present global scenario.

The seminar will provide forum for discussion on best practices and state-of-the-art technologies. It will also cover recent developments in all aspects of coke making viz., quality raw material for coke making, Judicious blending of coal to cope-up with the changes of coal quality, modern coke making technologies, by-product quality, refractories for coke oven, maintenance and troubleshooting in coke industries, health and safety, environmental issues and other aspects. The seminar will also provide a platform for brainstorming to reduce dependency on imported coking coal in Indian context. Experts for iron and steel industries, R&D institutions, coal miners, suppliers and academia will review the emerging situation to come out with possible solutions.

Moreover this seminar will address advanced carbonization technologies and prospective technologies for carbon materials. The attendees will gain key learning around the global outlook for coke and coal, profitability through plant maintenance and operation, modern developments in coke making technologies, index pricing and global market forecast. Important aspects of the seminar are:

• Recent developments in coke making technology

• Fundamentals of coke making and historical back ground

• Coal blending practices for continuously changing coke quality

• Operation, maintenance and troubleshooting in coke plant

• COG cleaning and utilization of by-products

• Environmental aspects and their abatement in coke making context

• Health and safety

• Energy management

• Refractories for coke oven

• Instrumentation, control and automation in coke industries



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